faildebug [ βˆβˆ’p port ] [ βˆβˆ’c community ] [ βˆβˆ’l level ] [ βˆβˆ’rV ] βˆβˆ’d facility


       Faildebug connects to failover shell failsh(l) on the local system on a
       port  specified by the β€β€p argument, and sets the debug level to facili‐
       ties specified on the command line. The following facilities are avail‐

       Facility      Description

       basic         main programs, basic functions
       state         individual service states
       host          hosts and their connections
       receiver      thread receiving monitor info in failmon
       eventloop     eventloop in the failmon
       signals       async signals
       utils         utilities (mem*, utils.c)
       syslog        logging (file Syslog.c)
       faild         fail server main (file faild.c)
       html          HTML interface (file html.c)
       failmon       monitor main program (file failmon.c)
       display       command line interface to monitor (file display.c)
       curses        curses interface (file cdisplay.c)
       dump          dumps of failsh
       tcl           Tcl function calls
       hostlist      hostlist.c
       monitor       everything in monitor.c and failmon.c
       local         local failsh process (file local.c)
       statelist     (file statelist.c)
       service       individual services
       servicelist   lists of services associated with a host
       sig           signal handlers
       statehost     hosts with their associated state
       failsh        failsh main program (failsh.c)
       faildump      faildump.c
       failc         fail command line client
       failstat      fail status (failstat.c)
       debug         debug related functions (including faildebug)
       daemonize     daemonize.c
       failproc      faild server procedures
       snmp          snmp trap support
       socketpool    socket management in faild
       faildsnmp     snmp support in faild
       snmpdump      snmp debugging utilities
       community     community file mgmt in faild
       fmonber       BER (en)coding for monitoring
       monlist       data handling for monitoring
       failber       BER utilities used throughout fail*
       idmap         mapping of ids to addresses in failmon
       remote        remote process in failsh (one per remote host)
              tiv level ‐1 suppresses any debug information.

       βˆβˆ’r     reset debugging, equivalent to setting  the  relative  level  ‐1
              with the βˆβˆ’l option.

       βˆβˆ’pport defines  the  port on which we expect to find the failsh on this

              increase the debug level  for  the  specified  facility  in  the
              faildebug client.

       βˆβˆ’V     display failover version and exit.


       This  page  documents  faildebug as it appears in version 0.5.16 of the
       failover utilities.


       failc(1), faild(8), faildump(1), failmon(1), failsh(8), failstat(1)


       Andreas F. Muller <>

Failover Utilities                 03/12/04                           FAILC(L)

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