hc [−d facility ] [−m] [−f hcfile ]


       Hc  reads  a configuration file structured similarly to a Makefile (see
       make(1)), loads the healthchecker modules specified in  this  file  and
       starts  a  loop  checking  all the services and dependencies.  On state
       changes of a service, an action module is  called  which  may  start  a
       shell  script  to  fix  a failure situation, may send mail to inform an
       administrator, or even send a pager message to an operator.

       The state of the health checker can be monitored using  the  monitoring
       clients  getnode(l)  and hcmon.cgi(l),providedthemonitoringthreadinside
       hc was started using the option m.  hcmon.cgi(1)  is  supposed  to  be
       installed  as  a  CGI  program  in  a webserver, and can monitor all hc
       instances on all servers that are reachable by  Sun  RPCs.  This  means
       that  no  additional  load  is generated on the monitored server by the
       monitoring interface.


       d facility
              increase the debug level of facility  facility  by  1.  In  most
              cases, debug level 1 is already way to verbose.

       m     start  the  monitoring  thread.  The thread will register a port
              with the portmapper, on  which  monitoring  information  can  be
              retrieved.  Use  the clients getnode(l) or hcmon.cgi(l) for this

       f hcfile
              By default, hc reads the file  Hcfile  in  the  current  working
              directory to find its instructions. If this option is specified,
              a different configuration file can be specified.


       getnode(l), hcmon.cgi(l), hcmodules(l),


       Andreas F. Mueller <>

Failover Utilities                 03/12/04                              HC(L)

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